Questions you
might want to Ask.

We are a company built on a foundation of normal people who enjoy seeing things grow, especially companies. We too are entrepreneurs and understand the hurdles of building a successful business and the courage and commitment required to take the big leap.

We work honestly and earnestly and work to expand our expertise so you can focus on your business and what you want to be great at.

We are (mostly) always available to talk if you have more questions or want to learn more about us!

You have a few options!
1. Take some yourself - you can actually login on your mobile device and upload directly from there or if you (or a co-worker) have a good camera to work with you can use that. You also have a round of edits so if you want images changed out you can do so after we send you an initial link to your site.

2. Hire a photographer - You can hire someone for a few hundred bucks to a few thousand, all depending on your budget. We have solid connections with photographers around every budget and can connect them with you!

3. You can use an online service like Shutterstock to get images that represent your business!

4. Need additional help? Message us in the user area and we’ll help with curating photos!

Yes. We have secured a wonderful relationship with our hosting provider - also actual humans - who we interact with to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. We are used to working on the custom side of things and growing websites massive with lots of great content so we recognize the importance of this.

If you anticipate growth, let’s talk, we’re happy to do our part to help facilitate that!

We recognize that the landscape for business is always shifting and changing. We’re happy to work with you in ways that allow your business to scale as needed.

If after the initial website is built you have additional pages or things you’d like to build you can upgrade and make changes to your plan at any time.

We are happy to transfer the site and all of its contents for free after two years of subscription service or a sum equal to two years of monthly charges, minus months you’ve already paid for.

We build all sites on Wordpress, so it’s important that you establish a hosting account that can accommodate this platform.

We are happy to look into anything that works for you for any length of time you’d like to explore.

It depends - in some cases it will take two days and in other cases it could take up to two months. It really depends on the size and number of customizations. We ask that you supply us with most of the content and imagery so sometimes it depends on how quickly we’re able to gather the needed information from you.

To learn more about how you can best prepare for your lightning site, read our getting startedsection.

In most cases, not much. Your lightning site will look, feel and act like any other website on the web - because it is. The major difference comes in Wonderboy’s ability to utilize pre-existing templates and designs to layout and launch your website quickly and efficiently.

Lightning sites are subscription based, meaning that rather than building and transferring the site to your host, we build the site and maintain it for you as long as you are a subscriber. This allows you to pay for the new site as you go, without incurring the high upfront costs it takes to build a custom Wonderboy site. To see additional terms and conditions, please read here.

Starting at $1.20 per day!

Awesome WordPress websites developed by real people, just how you want it!

Flexibility to pay-as-you-go or one-time for great savings.
No hidden fees. No contracts.